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Perfectly Imperfect Swift Darner

Perfectly Imperfect Swift Darner

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These Swift Darning Looms are a teeny bit weird, but still perfectly functional.

They just have a little extra character.

Variant: Just the Imperfect Loom

They're solo*, so if you need a Weft Pick please add one to your cart separately!
*but yes, they do come with all of our standard accoutrements as shown in the photo: needles, "how to darn a hole" book, t-shirt yarn tie, and warping helper

Variant: Imperfect XL Darning Bundle

This special bundle includes the loom & accoutrements as above, plus a Perfectly Imperfect XL Work Surface and one standard Weft Pick. No pouch. We noticed that many customers were creating this bundle naturally, so we thought we would make it easy for you :)

About "Perfectly Imperfect":

Since we use reclaimed wood, sometimes imperfections due to wear, nails, staples, or other damage pop up in places that don't work with our standard design. Depending on when in the process these imperfections reveal themselves, it can be hard to just throw the whole piece out after so much work has already gone in. So we've been collecting the ones that can be saved - here they are!

Each loom body & work surface has some degree of imperfection. Typically, this is extremely minimal and may present itself as a screw hole, small voids in the plywood, damaged veneer, or a non-critical manufacturing error. We take great care to ensure that none of this damage interferes with the technical function of the loom body. The stainless steel hooks are perfect - there's no room for error with those.

As usual, each piece is sanded to a fine, soft finish. We have done our best to smooth over all edges but please take care to inspect your work surface periodically in order to avoid any snags, for example when working with fine knit pieces. Further sanding or maintenance may be required in the future especially in cases where the veneer is not fully intact and may lift.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Belind (England, United Kingdom)
Simple and Satisfying

Beautifully crafted, easy to use with great instructions and everything you need. Has a good vibe and I’m sure I’ll smile when I get it out for years to come

Jean C. (Ohio, United States)
As advertised

The loom was easy to use. I mended socks, and jeans. A little bit tough on the jeans fabric to anchor the needle, but I enjoyed the task.