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Once upon the Internet, I stumbled across a nifty vintage darning tool called a SPEEDWEVE* (speedweave, darn-easy, stoppapparat, in any case: thanks to the Instagram #visiblemending community for bringing them into my life).

These tools (and their associated mending and darning skills) were commonplace a couple generations ago and helped extend the life of countless socks and other textiles. Now it's 2020(2021!), mending is BACK with a vengeance and I am happy to be a part of bringing everyday items back to life -- as well as helping you bring your own everyday items back to life!

It is with this energy that I* designed the Swift Darning Loom.

*Well, I can't just say "I" -- as with all things, this was a bit of a team effort and I received incalculable support from my partner (Scott) and my dad (Andreas). They rock! And they can weld...which, surprisingly enough, was absolutely a necessary skill during this process and not one that I have mastered (yet?). They're also such hard workers and helped me keep on track during the many times that I was about ready to quit. Thanks fam <3

After making at least 5 different prototypes during 2019, I launched a Kickstarter campaign in early 2020 to take pre-orders on Swift Darners (paired with other handmade and upcycled goodies). The campaign was met with immense success that I had to artificially curb (by limiting the number of rewards available) because I was nervous I wouldn't be able to keep up with demand. The Kickstarter campaign was a trial run, to gauge interest and give me some motivation to make massive improvements on my design and technique in a shorter amount of time than if I was fulfilling orders one at a time. And it worked! More details on that progression will be added later, once I get my photos sorted out.

I will admit that darning a sock takes a heck of a lot longer than buying a new sock, but a heck of a lot LESS time than knitting a new sock, which was more commonly the standard for comparison in times past. These days, I love mending socks and extending their functional life for the reduced environmental and social impact as much as for the money saved from not going out and buying new socks.

But let's not stop there -- darning is for far more than just fixing socks! Essentially, when you darn, you are creating a new woven fabric to bridge a hole, repairing the integrity of the fabric you've worn out whether that's a sock, pants, a sweater, a tea towel, a blanket or really any textile. I've also used darning decoratively! My loom can make LITERAL PATCH POCKETS like I did here, on this cute little cardigan. 

Black cardigan with green patch pocket. White flowers have been placed in the pocket as embellishment.

Loom darning is most frequently used to create decorative and visible mends, but it is also possible, and quite striking in its own way, to create tone-on-tone mends like I've done with this sweater I mended for a client:

By the way, if you have a custom mending job you'd like me to do, get in touch!

More examples to come! And keep an eye on my YouTube channel for video tutorials <3 happy mending!