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Weft pick

Weft pick

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Note: each is unique and the wooden handle you receive may not be as pictured, but they're all cool I promise!

A handy accessory to ensure that your wefts stay tidy and tight. Made, of course, from repurposed hardwood and stainless steel bicycle spokes.

The weft pick has become an essential tool in my woven darning kit. Whether I am darning with the Swift Loom or freehand, pushing threads down and tight with the weft pick is way faster and more consistent than any other method I have tried.

If you need a visual, I have a few videos up that show the weft pick in action:including this Swift Darner tutorial on Youtube (link is set to start right where I am using the pick)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Belind (England, United Kingdom)
Elegant and satisfying to use

Such a great addition to the kit. Not site i could get such good results without it

Nancy (Oregon, United States)
Well made and will be great for my inkle loom

This is attractive (love the beautiful grain), well made, and will work very well for my inkle loom. (My “weaving” right now consists of darning my wool socks with a small darning loom. This is oversized for that tiny loom.)

Kaitlyn T. (California, United States)
Beautifully and sustainably made

The weft pick that came with my Swift darning bundle is very beautiful and sturdy. It feels great in the hand and is super helpful when you need to snug your stitches down. Using the weft pick makes it easy to get a really polished look to your darns and weaving.


I absolutely love this pick!!! would not do without it, and so well made and solid. Kudos!!