creative work for a world Worth Mending.

Hi, I'm Elysha (eee-lee-sha, for pronounciation, they/them/her for pronouns). Elysha Schuhbauer, for the feds and the creeps. Heeeeeyyyy <3

I love to create functional art with thread, fabric, wood and found objects. This lifelong hobby of mine has been re-ignited over the past few years since I really started to embrace and feel proud of my choice to work with (mostly) reclaimed, repurposed, upcycled and salvaged materials. I have been sewing and all things crafty since I was a kid and am so happy to have found a niche that works for me here in the maker world.

The materials I work with come mostly from thrift stores and generous donations of people's old clothes! If you have something you want to donate (or even something you want me to mend for you!) get in touch. I especially love working with natural materials like 100% cotton, linen and wool - old moth-eaten woolens are one of my favourite things to make into functional and wearable art.