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DIY Recycled Ornament Kit

DIY Recycled Ornament Kit

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Here's a unique activity for kids and adults alike this holiday season.

Fun for ages 6 to 99!

** Your ornament will be engraved with the current year. Tester photos were from 2022, but this year's kits will all say 2024 **

The recycled cardboard makes your final ornament a colourful conversation starter. It's quick and easy to put together, and you can take the shapes apart and re-stack them in at least three distinct silhouettes. (Let us know if you discover another arrangement that you love!)

You'll receive a bundle of 90 star shapes cut from recycled cereal boxes, two plywood sticks, a plywood lock ring, ribbon, yarn and a threading tool. Written instructions as well as a link to video instructions are also included in this kit.

Each kit (Flower, Star) comes with instructions for stacking the shapes three different ways to get three unique silhouettes from the same kit! Take it apart and try a new way, mix and match the instructions between kits, or make up your own pattern :)

★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★

Our design process this time was extra special thanks to our local testers, who gave us great feedback which helped us with some final design tweaks. Here's some of what they had to say:

💌 "My child loved that they could see the progress of the ornament taking shape. They also loved the math that went into it."

💌 Love it! Cute and fun, and good conversation starter about recycling and making stuff at home!

💌 Putting the stars on in order was so satisfying.

💌 "This is beautiful! I love that we could take it apart and do it differently"

💌 "LOVE this as an activity that becomes a special piece to pull out at holidays!"

💌 It was really fun to put together and looks great. As a bonus, the final product spins like a top!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lauren V. (Ontario, Canada)

Such a smart idea and lots of fun to put together. I love that it can be taken apart and done again in different arrangements. And it looks great on the tree!

Donna S. (Ontario, Canada)
Buying for a Friend

It was a perfect gift for my friend who has always loved putting things together.

Emily A. (Ontario, Canada)
DIY Ornament Kits were a hit!!

These were incredible for the kids and very well made and beautifully packaged. Looking forward to collecting a stack of cereal boxes to donate for this years!!!