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Swift Darning Loom: Darning + Weaving Bundle

Swift Darning Loom: Darning + Weaving Bundle

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This ultimate bundle includes you need to master the Swift Darning Loom for darning AND weaving. We've also included some cotton yarn for warping your weaving loom, so you can add in any colours and textures of yarn from your own stash for the actual weaving.

NEW! Instant digital download of our Weave A Tiny Tapestry guide.

Interested in adding a custom message to the back of your loom, to make this gift extra extra special? Click here to learn more!

Included in bundle price:

  • 1 Swift Darning Loom (C$160)
  • 2x Weft Pick (C$70)
  • 2x Swift Shuttle (C$15)
  • 1 XL Work Surface with Weaving Hole Option (9" length, C$45)
  • 1 8g spool of cotton thread for warping ($5)
  • 1 Long Stretchy Tie
  • 2x 3.5" needles
  • 1x 2" needle
  • 1x Booklet: How to Darn, 3"x 4.25" x 36 pages
  • 1x Digital Download: Weave a Tiny Tapestry, 3"x 7" x 40 pages
  • 1 snap pouch to contain everything (C$30 - choose your style from the drop-down menu. please note that in the photos, left side shows lining and right side shows outside of pouch.)

As usual, all our tutorials on how to use the loom are available on YouTube and Instagram (in addition to the instruction book that you will receive.) Please check our YouTube channel to learn how to convert your darning loom into a weaving loom: we're working to share new inspiration for your weaving all the time. Excited to see what you come up with!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kealani (South Australia, Australia)
Beauty, quality and Function!

When I received my kit and opened all its components, I was blown away by the care in its creation. Something beautiful to repair with, and make my old items beautiful and functioning again. Well done. I found it through Holli Yeoh’s new book. Worth every penny to come all the way to Australia ! Thank you

Justin B. (New York, United States)
Learning new things

Overall, I love the way it's designed. It's going to take me awhile to get familiar with using the loom. Only issue I've had so far was the shuttle tip broke off during my first use. It's still usable as long as I use the other end to guide. I would also like to see you post some videos about using the loom and starting projects with the loom.

Justin, sorry to hear that about your shuttle, though I'm glad you're otherwise enjoying your loom set. This sounds like a manufacturing defect, so if you would like us to send you a replacement please send me an email!

I have a few videos up about weaving with the loom, though I am happy to share that I did just finish my 'how to weave' guide book! It will be available soon both digitally and in hard copy.

keep on learning new things !! ❤️✨


Katie (Leinster, Ireland)
Love this tool!

This loom is so easy and fun to use. Really thoughtful design and it feels very high quality. I love everything about it.

Lauren L. (Ontario, Canada)
Intuitive design

I was able to darn a hole in my favourite sweater the first time I used the kit. It was easy and intuitive.
The step by step guide was very handy.
I'm looking forward to using it as a loom to make Christmas presents this year.

That's amazing, Lauren! I'm so happy you found loom darning intuitive and easy. And how exciting to use it to make gifts... if you get the chance to email photos I would LOVE to see what you come up with!! ♥

Kristen G. (Ontario, Canada)
Beautifully crafted tool

I look forward to using this for many years to come- it’s a joy to use such a beautifully made tool