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Swift Loom Custom Engraving

Swift Loom Custom Engraving

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This item must be added to the same order as a Swift Darning Loom or Bundle, as it is an add-on to those products.

The Swift Darning Loom already makes a great gift for every crafter, mender, and eco-conscious DIY-er in your life (including yourself). Now you can add a custom message to make it even more special.

Choose from our three fonts: serif, sans-serif or script. The image preview will update to show your chosen font. Then write your message in the text box below.

Please include the exact spelling that you need: we will copy and paste your message exactly as it is sent into our engraving software. We cannot be held responsible for any typing errors – thanks for understanding, and for taking the time to craft your message with care.

The phrase "Sixty zippers were quickly picked from a woven jute bag" is called a pangram - it contains all the letters used in English. We chose it to show off the full range of characters you'll get with each font choice. Hope this helps!

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