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Swift Bundle (Mini - Black)

Swift Bundle (Mini - Black)

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Denim colour + lining

The bare essentials for Swift Darning, if you ask us!

Your Swift Darning Loom (including instructions, needles, and a stretchy tie), Weft Pick, and a unique upcycled denim pouch to store everything neatly.

  • 1 Swift Darning Loom (C$160)
  • 1 Weft Pick (C$35)
  • 1 handmade pouch to contain everything (C$40, 6" or 9" zipper - choose your style from the drop-down menu)

Each zippered pouch has a different, unique patchwork front with our cotton logo tag sewn in. The back is plain denim.

All zippered pouches in this listing have a black denim base. You can select your lining from the drop-down menu.

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