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Swift Darning Loom: Mini Bundle (Black Denim)

Swift Darning Loom: Mini Bundle (Black Denim)

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Denim colour + lining

The bare essentials for Swift Darning, if you ask us!

Your Swift Darning Loom (including instructions, needles, and a stretchy tie), Weft Pick, and a unique upcycled denim pouch to store everything neatly.

  • 1 Swift Darning Loom (C$160)
  • 1 Weft Pick (C$35)
  • 1 handmade pouch to contain everything (C$40, 6" or 9" zipper - choose your style from the drop-down menu)

Each zippered pouch has a different, unique patchwork front with our cotton logo tag sewn in. The back is plain denim.

All zippered pouches in this listing have a black denim base. You can select your lining from the drop-down menu.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amanda P. (Colorado, United States)
Super useful

I haven't had the little loom for very long, and have been practicing on the many holes in my spouse's "house" sweater and it's getting easier and easier to do. I'm excited to try it with other items that need repair and have been languishing in forgotten corners.


Absolutely wonderful little loom! This is a loom to hand down❤️

Gabriele S. (California, United States)

I bought this little guy on a whim and I am soooo so pleased with my purchase! I got a mini bundle and it has made the start up incredibly easy. I have officially just darned my first hole!! Truly can’t recommend more!