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Swift Darning Loom: XL Darning Bundle

Swift Darning Loom: XL Darning Bundle

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Everything you need to master the Swift Darning Loom except for yarn/thread and something to patch!

** New **
Interested in adding a custom message to the back of your loom, to make this gift extra extra special? Click here to learn more!

You will receive a pouch similar to the one in the photo (choose from the drop-down menu).

Included in bundle price:

  • 1 Swift Darning Loom (C$160)
  • 1 Weft Pick (C$35)
  • 1 XL Work Surface with Weaving Hole Option (9" length, C$45)
  • 1 Long Stretchy Tie
  • 2x 3.5" needles
  • 1x 2" needle
  • 1x instruction booklet, 3"x 4.25" x 36 pages
  • 1 handmade pouch to contain everything (C$30 - choose your style from the drop-down menu)

All XL work surfaces include our newest innovation: rows of holes drilled to match our Weft Pick so that you can convert your darning loom into a weaving loom! Please see this short video I posted to Instagram for a rough example of what these holes do. Excited to see what you come up with!!

To grab all of the Swift Weaving accessories in one place, check out our Darning and Weaving Bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Shelby S. (Ontario, Canada)
Loving this tiny loom!0

So far I've been looming beautiful pieces of fabric to do repairs on things that I can't get behind to darn. It's brilliant and I can't wait to try some tiny woven tapestries.

Karina F. (Bavaria, Germany)
Amazing product

I have to say that I have no previous experience in anything sewing-related, and I thought I was going to have some trouble, but that was not the case. This mending loom is super easy to use. Also, I have to add that when I got it out of the package, something I loved was the smell of the wood. The product also feels so soft. Overall, I would say it's worth the price!

Julianna L. (New York, United States)
AMAZING Darning Loom!

I received the darning loom bundle for the holidays, and as someone who loves to mend and patch this was the perfect gift. Sustainable, hand-made, and easy to use, this loom has brought me so much joy mending all the little holes and even experimenting with making pockets and starting to weave! The YouTube tutorials provided were also incredibly helpful, and answered any questions I had while darning. Thank you to Worth Mending for creating such an awesome loom! :)

rob m. (Ontario, Canada)

this was brilliant! wonderfully made and very enjoyed by dear spouse,

Michelle (Washington, United States)
Fantastic Product Sourced with Sustainable Materials

I absolutely love my swift darning loom! The product is made with second-hand materials, feels sturdy and good quality, and is great to work with. They provide a How To booklet with the kit to explain how to use every item as well as how to actually darn. I have used this kit on socks and the mends have held up! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to mend clothing.