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Extra-long work surface

Extra-long work surface

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The Swift Darning Loom already comes with a very generous work surface (dimensions approximately 3" X 4.5") but sometimes it is fun to be able to easily create an extra-long piece for something like elbow patches (like I made for my Swift Darner Kickstarter countdown on Instagram, shown at that link).

Extended surfaces are 9" long, with three rows of holes to both boards so that you can team it up with your weft pick for some new weaving fun, like I did here in a recent Instagram video. 

The first photo shows the loom, XL work board, weft pick and some other notions I used when making my little blue/floral badge. The badge itself is pictured on top of the work board in photo 2. Please note that this listing is for the XL work board only, not the loom or any other accessories/notions.


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