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Starling Tree

Starling Tree

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Take this flat piece of wood and rotate the branches to make your own tree design. Go with symmetrical and geometric or organic and chaotic. Place the star on top to make a gorgeous holiday decoration that you won't want to take down in the new year (and you don't have to). Encourage your guests and kids to play with your ornaments! Perfect for kids like me who just can't keep their hands off interesting things.

This wonderful tactile decoration starts with strips of repurposed hardwood from discarded furniture and flooring which are cut to 40 different sizes before each one has a hole drilled in it. After being assembled on a threaded rod, the tree is cut to its final shape and combined with CNC routed legs. The whole tree is then sanded as a unit to give a uniform and smooth contour. This piece is then finished off by combining it with a star shaped topper that is made from reworked table legs and bed posts. A dowel pin inserted into the bottom of the star allows it to be effortlessly placed on top of the tree.

I first dreamed up these trees back in November of 2020 so that I could send them to my family as I prepared to spend my first Christmas apart from them. They turned out beautifully and everybody loved them so much that my mom convinced me to make some to sell the next year. She put them out for her art students to look at and they all sold out before class started. This year I've made a large batch, so hopefully there's enough for everybody who wants one.

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