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Swift Shuttles (set of 2)

Swift Shuttles (set of 2)

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These laser-cut and hand-sanded mini shuttles are the perfect size for weaving with your Swift Loom. They pair perfectly with the XL Work Surface and Weft Pick for weaving, as shown in the photo. You can also use them with other small looms or with tablet weaving cards!

The shuttle helps you to manage much longer strands of yarn than relying exclusively on a needle. This speeds up your weaving, makes it much tidier, and leaves you with fewer ends to weave in later.

Wrap yarn around the shuttle to keep it from getting tangled while you are weaving. If you are working with multiple colours, as in striping or colour blocking, wrap one colour around each shuttle.

Sold in sets of two for C$10.

Overall dimensions: 4" long x 0.75" wide 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cynthia (Ontario, Canada)
Quick Replacement!

Both of the two shuttles in my first purchase of your mending/weaving loom arrived with both shuttles broken. After I wrote and requested replacements, this was done quickly without any problem. Thank you!

Ashlee C. (Ontario, Canada)
Absolutely love this loom!

I actually get excited when I see holes in my socks :) Couldn't recommend it more!


Made beautifully:)