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Worth Mending keychain

Worth Mending keychain

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Personalize your keys with one of these sweet and original key fobs made from upcycled materials. We use thin plywood salvaged from vintage furniture -- the same furniture that we make our Swift Darning Looms with! The fob is attached to a split ring with 2 links of worn bike chain that's been scrubbed clean of all previous adventures.

Thanks to the magic of digital design and lasers, we have 4 designs to choose from. 

Pure Cog: The original has the shape of the cog's inner spline cut through both sides to make a donut shape.

Heart: The heart has the spline cut through one layer and a heart cut through the other so that there is a heart shaped window in the centre.

Crow: a classic corvid silhouette cut out of the middle that is visible from both sides.

Dandelion: features a stylized cutout of a dandelion flower that has gone to seed.

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