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Darning Yarn

Darning Yarn

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Secondhand-sourced wool yarn for darning.

Approximately 5 grams of yarn wound onto custom spools cut from recycled box board. Each spool contains enough yarn to complete multiple darning projects.

Priced individually, but enjoy an automatic discount when purchasing groups of 3!
(C$5 each or C$12 for 3 spools. This discount will show up at checkout, and you can mix and match with Cotton Yarn)

About the yarn:

This collection is all sock yarn (75-80% merino wool, 20-25% nylon). We are grateful to partner with a local indie dyer who has offered these colours that came out of the experimental pot. They are limited edition, and the colours cannot be replicated, so they couldn't be sold with her regular line of yarns but they are perfect for mending! The colour shifts on each spool create a lovely variegated pattern in your darning without any extra work.

Please note that we've done our best to represent true colours on screen, but how the colours appear may vary on different devices.

*Lavender Haze and Purple Rain are dyed in very similar hues of pink and purple, with Lavender Haze showing on average shorter colour changes (the yarn changes colour more frequently along the length) and Purple Rain showing longer colour changes.

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