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Darning Yarn

Darning Yarn

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Secondhand-sourced wool yarn for darning.

5-7 m of yarn wound onto custom spools cut from recycled box board. Each spool contains enough yarn to complete multiple darning projects.

Priced individually, but enjoy an automatic discount when purchasing groups of 3!
(C$5 each or C$12 for 3 spools. This discount will show up at checkout, and you can mix and match with Cotton Yarn)

Select your colour from the drop-down menu, or choose "surprise me" and we'll send you colour(s) of our choice.

About the yarn:
The approximate weight of this yarn is 14 WPI, aka fingering or sock weight. It can be used as-is for darning using any mending technique.
It is 100% wool in composition and NOT shrink-proof, so leave room for possible shrinkage and/or avoid hot washes as you would with any wool.

A feature of this yarn is that I have also had success separating the plies (for example, un-twisting 2/4 of the strands) and darning that way when I need a lighter weight mend. Not all yarn can hold up to darning when the plies are separated, but with this particular product, this has worked for me! It's always worth experimenting to see how your tools and materials can adapt to your needs.

Please note that we've done our best to represent true colours on screen, but how the colours appear may vary on different devices.

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