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Robin Earmuffs

Robin Earmuffs

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Stay cozy on your commute or on any bike ride with these woolly ear warmers that attach right to your helmet! This original design slides easily onto your helmet straps and stays in place with hidden velcro ("hook and loop") fasteners. Blocks the wind and keeps your ears warm for winter riding as well as those chilly spring and fall days - without the need for a bulky toque, hat or beanie under your helmet. Handmade by me from repurposed 100% wool sweaters.

One size fits most adult- or teen-sized helmets -- I can also do kid-sized ones!! If you have any questions about sizing, fit or anything else, please get in touch with me, I'm happy to chat!

In the photo, I'm wearing "Ice blue", and "Forest green" -- but that's a colour from a previous batch that is now out enjoying life elsewhere :)

(Oh, and if you're wondering about the name -- I name all my original creations after birds :) The Robin is one that we always associate and wait for in the springtime, but if you look, they are out and about and active all year long. Just like bicycles <3)


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