September 2, 2023: end of an era

September 2, 2023: end of an era

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close up of threadbare linen patched underneath and reinforced with rusty orange running stitches

hi friends 💘

No, Worth Mending is not shutting down! Sorry for the scare. In fact, we're scheduling a shop update for the end of this week – I'll send another short note when that's ready. 

BUT - I have had a silly stressful few days that culminated in me stupidly losing a couple of my favourite garments. 

Someone stole my mending bag off my bike :( I'm kinda crushed about it, so figured I'd write up a little blog post to document the end of the era that this marks. 

Read all about it: End of an era

KW Knitter's Guild yarn show flyer - "I'm A Vendor"

First up is for my local fibre friends: the KW Knitters Guild show is on Saturday September 9th!

We're looking forward to seeing you. We'll have our full suite of darning looms and accessories, and I'll be continuing my tradition of demonstrating Swift Darner mending on hand-knit pieces brought in by fellow vendors. 

 AND THEN... Very exciting news. My pal Nakita and I are road-tripping through Appalachia. We have two events planned along the way, so if you're in the Pittsburgh or Asheville areas I'd absolutely love to see you.


Saturday September 16: Darning demo and mending happy hour with Old Flame Mending. Drop-in, 2-6 pm. Details and register via
Saturday September 23: Mending workshop with Firestorm Books. Bring a garment and let's mend together! All proceeds for this PWYC event will go straight to supporting Firestorm. Register at
If you're not in the area, but would still like to support us, I'd be so grateful if you could make a donation to our hosts Old Flame Mending or make a donation/buy a book from Firestorm Books and Coffee. They're doing allllll of the organizing for me, I'm just crashing their wonderful spaces!

My last event for September is back in Kitchener at the KW Library of Things. We're covering basic sewing skills and I believe registration is limited to KWLOT members – their sewing machines are highly sought after and they are always getting questions about how they work. We're looking forward to filling in some gaps that your YouTube searches cannot!

I'm so grateful for these crafty community opportunities – more to come! Thanks for being here and there and wherever you are :) chat soon.


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