End of an era

End of an era

At least they didn't steal my bike...

but someone stole my mending bag off my bike :( I'm kinda crushed about it, so figured I'd come here to document the end of the era that this marks. And, of course, the beginning of new garment and mending opportunities.

This one was a self-drafted project inspired by the Sunday Sweater by Petite Knit and it was incredibly cute and I am so devastated it's gone, sigh sigh.

elysha wearing fresh-off-the-needles mohair sweater on a sunny day

I used mohair yarn taken from a thrifted sweater that my family helped me unravel, which added an extra layer of "special" to this piece. I only finished it in April, so it didn't even live to see a full season of wear, but it was certainly cherished. 

A chunky green sweater being unraveled. The garment was crocheted in a perfect forest green mohair.

It was in my mending bag because I was lengthening the sleeves. No pics, but I was at the step where I needed to graft the cuffs back on, and I was putting it off because I find Kitchener stitch so confusing and I always mess it up! 

This one you'll know well, if you've been here a while. 

Yep, my beloved Arenite pants are gone too! 

I made them from linen I traded for quilting cotton during the mask-sewing frenzy of early 2020. The delicate fabric positively fell apart which made for a wonderful mending canvas. Most recently, I was reinforcing the front thigh using straight and curved running stitches and my favourite vintage rusty orange cotton thread (which, yes, was in the stolen bag too).

green linen worn thin and covered in rusty orange running stitches with patch underneath.

To be honest, they were at a point where they needed mending after every 2-3 wears 😂 so perhaps they were close to retirement, but I would have loved them to retire in my care rather than in a ditch somewhere. 

I'm sure I'll make this mistake again, my combination of "forgetful" and "trusting" is certainly one to behold. It's just so heartbreaking to think that hundreds of hours of my labour and care are now en route to landfill.

I can't let it stop me from cherishing every garment I have and mending them as long as I can, even if the end doesn't come on my terms.

So it goes.

happy mending anyway:)

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