August Newsletter: where in the world is the mending migration?

August Newsletter: where in the world is the mending migration?

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hi friends 💘

Thanks so much for your excitement and kindness over last week’s newsletter about my Kingfisher bags. There are only two left, and I was honestly shocked to see that you (my eternally supportive newsletter-readers) picked up six of them.

Worth Mending Kingfisher Belt Bag

One of the two still available is the twin to my own personal bag 😇 in our very retro “Dijon” fabric (pictured above "in the wild" of downtown Kitchener).

Next up I’ll be working on a sewing pattern so that you DIYers can make your own!

I’ve also had a lot of questions lately about our Swift Mending Migration, and am very excited to announce that all three looms are en route (or have arrived) to their second destinations! We’re still working on updating the blog but here are some sneak peeks at what our first three hosts got up to:

Sharon @sharon.elisabeth added a knee patch to her kid’s jeans ✨

Cotton darned knee patch in blue, green, and yellow. The patch is on the left knee of a child's jeans. Mended using the Swift Darning Loom.

The crew at Yonge Street Mission @doubletakeysm played around with weaving and darning during their Monday drop-in mending nights 🪡

Two pairs of hands working on weaving blue/green/yellow fabric using the long work surface & Swift Darning Loom.

Rachael @minimalistmachinist darned a sweater in coordinating colours that disguise it to be almost invisible 👀

Screenshot from Minimalist Machinist on Instagram showing in-progress darning on a blue and grey sweater using the Swift Darning Loom.

If you’re new to #MendingMigration check out my intro blog about it here. The Swift Mending Migration is an ongoing, slow-burn of a project and I am so excited to see where it ends up next!

Do you have any questions for our Mending Migration hosts? Reply to this email & I'll pass them on. Answers will appear on the Mending Migration blog 💌

For anyone curious about a shop update (I know stock is running low for many of our bundles!) we’ve been prioritizing camping trips and sleeping in a lot more than staying on our production schedule. September will be here soon, and then October with all the “I told you so’s” I’m sure. But for now we’re enjoying summer and chipping away at our next batch of darning looms. They should definitely be online before the end of August.

Thanks for your patience & I hope that you too are enjoying your little life out here on this spinning rock in the universe 💫

Take care, chat soon.


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