The Swift Darning Loom is on tour!

The Swift Darning Loom is on tour!

Follow our darning looms around the world on their Mending Migration

We sent three very special Darning and Weaving bundles off on a whirlwind community-building adventure!

Elysha holding the three Mending Migration packages, making an exaggerated pursed-lips kissing face to lovingly send their little babies off into the world


Did you know that the Swift Darning Loom is named for the bird? It ended up a fun play on words because "swift" is also associated with speed (and a darning loom will definitely speed up your darning process!), but it's especially a hat tip to our migrating feathered friends.

What is this Mending Migration about?

Simple acts of care and creativity go a long way to build memories and bring people together. The Swift "Mending Migration" is an opportunity for menders around the world to get creative with our handmade darning looms and, like pen pals of yore, watch their handiwork build into a tapestry that bridges international borders. And everyone can follow along as we blog about the process!

How does it work?

We have three darning and weaving bundles in circulation, starting in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Each bundle contains a variety of materials, including threads, needles, instructions, and a guest book "passport". Participants receive a bundle, mend and weave with it using their own creative ideas, and document their process through photos, videos, and writing.

Each host keeps the package for 3-4 weeks before sending it off to the next person.

What's in the package?

We made custom reusable mail bags and filled them with so many one of a kind goodies.

Every package includes a specially-picked Swift Darning Loom (made from a unique stripey hardwood that a fellow Kwartzlab member gave us, so a little different than our typical furniture upcycle, but a worthy home for this special wood), plus the standard & the long work surfaces (from hardwood furniture as usual) and all the accessories from our Darning and Weaving bundles.

Then there's the mossy zippered pouch containing all the souvenirs our Mending Migration picks up on its travels. We even made a little leather-bound "passport" for everyone to leave notes, sketches, and well-wishes for future participants to discover.

How can I follow along?

Every participant will leave their mark on this blog, plus we'll share highlights over on the Worth Mending Instagram. Our hashtag is #MendingMigration in addition to our old friend #SwiftDarner.

How can I join in?

Fill out our application form here via Google Forms!

The Migration is open to anyone interested, you don't need a platform or even a public social media profile in order to participate. We'll collect your photos/media and publish everything under Worth Mending (though you are also welcome and encouraged to share your process and experience however you please!!).

There are three looms in circulation, so there will be a bit of a wait list, but we hope that it will be worth it to follow along virtually before it's your turn!

Still have questions?

Post them below & we'll do our best to reply (despite Shopify's major lack of notification system when comments are posted!)
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