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Upcycled Zip Pouch

Upcycled Zip Pouch

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Classic, versatile zippered pouch made upcycled.

These are the same pouches that we currently offer with our Mini Bundles.

Each zippered pouch has a different, unique patchwork front with our cotton logo tag sewn in. The back is plain denim. You can select your lining from the drop-down menu.

These do *not* fit the 9" work surface - for this, you'll want the Loom Pouch.


  • 6" zipper
  • 6.5" wide
  • 6.5" deep.

As usual, they are handmade by Elysha (in our studio in Kitchener Ontario) from entirely reclaimed fabrics. The shell is cut from worn out jeans, and the lining is secondhand-sourced quilting cotton or upcycled from other cotton textiles. We love secondhand materials, but we do source our zippers new from YKK. They are made in Canada from brass and organic cotton.

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