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Acrylic Plant Trellis

Acrylic Plant Trellis

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I designed these trellises inspired by retro florals and other designs I fancy from around the web. Hope you like them too!

They are cut from 1/4" thick acrylic plastic that used to be those COVID shields at every retail counter. (If you have a source for more I'd love to know!)

These trellises work great with hoya and other climbing/vining plants like pothos/philodendron/tradescantia/you name it, or place one among your greenery just for the sake of something else delightful to gaze at. A unique gift for retro-inspired plant lovers!

To install: Using a chopstick, wiggle out two holes in your potting medium where your trellis will sit (rather than jamming the trellis in). Insert the trellis and pack the potting medium around the trellis legs to stabilize it. Guide your plant around and through the trellis now or as it grows :)

SMALL - work well in any pot 2.5" wide or larger.
- All conveniently 6.5" tall, 1.5" at the base

LARGE - specific dimensions are below, but typically designed for 4" pots or larger.
TANSY - 12.5" tall, 1.5" at base
SMILEY - 10.5" tall, 2" at base
SUNSHINE - 11.5" tall, 3" at base
BAUBLES - 11.5" tall, 3" at base

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