Looking for a Swift Darning Loom?

Thanks so much for being here. We are delighted that you're into our work, and interested in mending what ya got!

The Swift Darning Loom was designed and handmade by us between our home studio + our awesome local makerspace (Kwartzlab!). We use a mix of new + upcycled materials to make them - we're very diligent about using all the scrap we can get our hands on, to honour the resources that have already been extracted and keep good material out of landfill. But fret not, our standards are pretty high and every loom is made of hardwood + stainless steel to last forever and become a future heirloom :)

We work hard every month to release a fresh batch of Swift Darning Looms into our inventory. Click here to sign up for our newsletter (or drop your email address in the widget at the bottom of this page) -- that's where we always announce upcoming launches when it's restock time!

Here's a detailed FAQ about our shop updates:

If your question isn't answered here, please contact us!

  1. The Swift Darning Loom is sold out! How can I get one?
  2. How quickly do your looms sell out?
  3. What payment options do you accept?
  4. Do you offer payment plans?
  5. Do you offer untracked (cheaper) shipping?

1. The Swift Darning Loom is sold out! How can I get one?

We (Scott + Elysha) are so grateful for the support we receive, and are working really hard to meet demand for our unique product. We typically update our shop once a month, so please sign up for our newsletter to be informed about the next restock!

2. What payment options do you accept?

WorthMending.com is hosted by Shopify. Shopify’s checkout process is fairly straightforward and I hope you don’t have any issues!

 We accept payments via Shopify Payments*, major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you’re in Canada (or have a Canadian bank account), you can also opt to pay via Interac E-transfer by clicking the third radio button in the list (in the payment options table after Credit Card and PayPal). E-transfer is a manual payment option, so please be sure to send your payment asap after confirming your order.

*To activate Shopify Payments, you need to create an account with us. You do not need an account with us in order to access the other payment methods. Click here to access the Login/Signup page on WorthMending.com. Follow the instructions **please note that confirmation emails may land in your “Promotions” tab**. Then click the box beside “Save my information for a faster checkout” under Remember Me. You’ll be prompted to add your phone number for confirmation, but once that’s set up your payments will be processed as quickly as they would be if you were logged in to PayPal (except, you’re paying by card). Again, I don't think you need to do this if you pay by card or e-transfer or PayPal.

3. Do you offer payment plans?

At this time, I don’t have any payment plan options set up. However, if paying in instalments works best for you, simply divide your intended total into the bite-sized chunks you crave, and set yourself some reminders* to purchase a Worth Mending gift card for each bite. For example, if you want to do C$40/payment, purchase a total of 3x $40 gift cards on your own schedule. Then, when you’re ready to claim your loom, redeem your gift cards at checkout and pay the remaining balance using a different payment method. I hope this helps!

*If you’d like any support during this process, for example if you want me to send you a bi-weekly or monthly email reminding you of your intention to buy a gift card, I’m happy to do that if it helps keep you on track!

4. Do you offer untracked (cheaper) shipping?

No, sorry. I completely understand that high shipping costs can sometimes be a dealbreaker, but what's worse is when those packages get lost and all our hard work is lost along with it! For this reason, all shipping options available at checkout should include tracking, unless specifically noted (for example, we're happy to send smaller products shipped domestically via lettermail, at buyer's risk).

We recently started dealing with ChitChats to offer slightly discounted shipping rates to certain countries. We've set this up for: Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. If your country is not listed* and you'd like us to see if a cheaper rate is available, please contact us.
*Shipments within Canada are sent via Canada Post calculated rates.

Additionally, we would love to figure out ways of making our looms more accessible around the world so if you are in Australia or the UK/Europe, or elsewhere outside of the US/Canada and know a local haberdashery shop or a reputable indie drop-shipper that would carry our Loom Bundles, we'd love to work something out. Please be in touch!

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