Swift Mending Migration ft. Rachael of Cumbria

Swift Mending Migration ft. Rachael of Cumbria

Welcome to another tour stop with our Swift Darning Loom "Mending Migration"!

I'm delighted to introduce you to Rachael Gilbert-Burns, our first UK Migration stop. Rachael loves to mend and experiment with all manner of fibre arts pursuits, which you can follow along via social media at @minimalistmachinist (IG and TikTok).

Swift Darning Loom, XL Work Surface and Weft Pick styled with a darned sock, a patch woven in blue and orange wool on cotton, and an orange stretchy tie.

Rachael tackled a whole host of sock repairs and patched up a knit sweater, but was most inspired by the Swift Darner's weaving function. Her creative spirit dreamed up a couple of new-to-me ideas like this one:

Left: Light-skinned hand holding Swift Darning Loom with XL Work Surface, in-progress weaving a woolen patch in shades of pink on a white background. Right: finished pouch all sewn together, held by same person in front of an indigo and white striped background.

It's a tooth fairy pouch for her daughter, made from scrap wool! Rachael wove the new textile like a big darn with wool backed on cotton, and then turned all the ends and edges under to stitch the finished shape.

Branches, twigs, grasses, leaves and feathers on a black background beside the Swift Darning Loom, warped and ready to start weaving!

Rachael is in Cumbria, but the timing worked out for our Swift Darning Loom to tag along for their family holiday to Norfolk: "I used [the loom] there to 'weave my walk'. I collected pieces of nature and made a mini memory of our evening walks through the forest."

Rachael's nature tapestry in progress on the Swift Darning Loom, held up against a background of forest and sky.

The nature weaving in particular has already inspired a handful of other nature tapestries that you shared with me in Stories and via #SwiftDarner on Instagram – it truly makes my day to see and share what you're making and mending, so thank you! And thanks Rachael for participating in our Mending Migration. Stay tuned for our next Friday update to see where else in the world our Swift Darner is travelling.
à bientôt!
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