Swift Mending Migration ft. Allison of Waltham

Swift Mending Migration ft. Allison of Waltham

Welcome to another Mending Migration tour stop! We're back on the East Coast of the USA, this time visiting with Allison in Massachusets. You'll love her:

Swift Darning Loom photographed in front of LOVE Park (JFK Plaza) in Philadelphia

I'm a crafty middle school science teacher, nature nerd, and environmental enthusiast.

I have been sewing, crocheting, and knitting since I was around 10 years old! Sometimes I feel like making (or even fixing! Even sewing on lost buttons!) your own clothes or accessories is a lost art and I'm glad to keep the flame alive. Mending is a more recent hobby but I've been enjoying experimenting with different mending styles and materials. I've done some cute visible woven patches on favorite sweaters, some embroidery for reinforcing weak spots, and am perfecting my Swiss darning for those hiking socks that start to wear thin. 

Swift Darning Loom in the process of weaving a large, multicoloured plaid patch on a pair of worn jeans.

I've been a fan of thrift store shopping since I was in high school; back then it was about having a unique style. After learning about the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and its frequently unfair labor practices, I became more interested in second-hand and higher quality textiles for ethical reasons. But I'm also a hiker, a gardener, a teacher, and about a million other things that mean my clothing is constantly put through the figurative wringer. Mending for me has been a fun way to keep my favorite pieces going (and arguably to make them even more special).

I have been darning/mending freehand and with an inexpensive speedweve-style loom for the past several years. I love the idea of the Mending Migration because it brings attention to issues I care about (mending, creative reuse) and because I like that it might help create more community globally for those, like me, who like to mend and make do. Certainly not least, I have been eager to try out the Swift Darner since I first saw it advertised a while back. Elysha's attention to detail and use of repurposed materials in the Swift are awesome, and I can see this even more now that I've been able to hold one in my hands and use it myself! 

Close up of finished plaid patch on blue denim. Woven with multiple colours of embroidery floss, the ends still need to be secured but it's looking lovely.

Love how this turned out - now to settle in all of those loose ends :)

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