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Bicycle Cog belt buckle

Bicycle Cog belt buckle

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Show off your commitment to sustainable active transportation, or just add a cool upcycled statement piece to your rotation! This belt buckle was designed and made by my partner Scott, who has been proudly wearing his cog buckle for over ten years. His has developed an awesome patina but has no other signs of wear, so this buckle is definitely in it for the long haul.

Each buckle is unique, select corresponding letter from the drop-down menu based on photo and description:

  • E: 16-tooth cog, 7cm/2.75" outer diameter, Shimano Dura-Ace chain with hollow rivets. Maximum belt width is 2.5cm/1".
  • H: 18-tooth cog, 8cm/3.25" outer diameter, KMC K1 nickel-plated chain. Maximum belt width is 4.5cm/1.75".
  • I: G: 18-tooth cog, 8cm/3.25" outer diameter, KMC Z8 nickel-plated chain. Maximum belt width is 5cm/2".

Belt not included, but you might already have one - or you can keep an eye out at thrift stores, or support a local artisan who makes them! (I'm not making any though, at least not yet...)

These buckles fit the standard snap belts with two snaps. Let me know if you're not sure & we'll try to confirm that your belt will work with this buckle! :)


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