Maker Swap 2021

Maker Swap profiles will be listed here as they roll in.

All entries must be submitted via this Google Form by the end of the day on October 4, 2021, then we'll pair up and the real fun begins!

If you aren't able to fill out the Google Form, please contact me ( for an alternative option.

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Hobbyist Profiles

Maker Name + Location Who they are / what they do Price range

Bri @Snickerdoodles.101

Cambridge, Ontario

*Will trade locally or by mail

  Crochet amigurumi animals $10 - $50

Photos @Snickerdoodles.101→

Dita @beautifulnrocky

Chicago, USA

I knit, sew, and embroider! It's more a hobby than a business but I would love to have someone to send a cute handmade item to!

I'd like to trade either a small knitted item, like a pouch or a hat, or handmade patches, or a small sewn item. Love trying new things and am flexible.

$10 - $50

Photos @beautifulnrocky→

Knit hat

Crochet collar

Jenn @graygirl.artcraft

Louisville, KY, US

I'm Jenn :) No business yet, but hope to have soon! I'm an art and craft creative nature person. 🤗 bespoke sketchbooks/journals (~$40); curated paper ephemera kits for scrappy art journaling (~$10); original art, eco-dyed postcards ($?)
Photos @graygirl.artcraft→

Susanne @daisygirl78

Georgetown, ON

Hi! I'm a hobbyist that loves swapping with fellow creatives. My making includes sewing (such as upcycling, mending, making clothes for my fam, quilting), knitting and crocheting, but I love dabbling and playing with new skills/projects all the time I can offer rope bowls, small sewn projects such as clutches or totes, knitted or crocheted hats or scarves/cowls, mending patches (approx $10-$50)
Photos @daisygirl78 →

Jacqueline @amazing.maguffin

Cambridge, ON

*Will trade local or by mail

I make laser cut signs and map artwork! I also work in science and love to bake :) My faves are maps of neighbourhoods or the lake of a favourite cottage or vacation spot (8x10 for $50)! I can also do circular name signs ($130) or upcycled snowflake ornaments ($10)
Photos from Jacqueline→

Leah Kesselman, @l.kesselman

Guelph, ON

*Local trades only!

I'm a hobbyist! I've been working with leather for 4 years and ceramics for 2. I've taken lessons in Toronto and Montreal, and now I make small leather goods at home and functional pots at different ceramics studios in Guelph. Handbuilt pottery mugs ($20-30), ceramic bowls ($10-15), leather card holders ($15-20), leather pouches (varies).
Photos @l.kesselman→


Business Profiles ** Photos correspond to profile in row above!

I make Leather Goods, Beaded & Precious Metal Jewelry, Knitwear, & Visibly Mend Sweaters & Favorite Clothing.​
Maker Name + Location Who they are / what they do  Price range

Elysha @worthmending

Kitchener, Ontario

*Will trade locally or by mail

Bring new life to discarded materials through upcycling! Sewn items like fannypacks, clutches, zip pouches & Swift Darning Loom (made from reclaimed wood + bicycle spokes)

$25-$70 for most sewn items

Swift Loom $145, accessories start from $30

Anything in my online shop is fair game for trade, photos below are just examples :)

Photos @worthmending→

Kingfisher fanny pack

Robin Cyclist/Helmet Earmuffs

Elizabeth @elizzhoops

Guelph, Ontario

*Will trade locally or by mail

*Looking to trade with a business!


Lil queer owned business of display hoops for enamel pins, earrings or photos. I hand paint/stain the hoop and curate cute, sturdy fabrics that go well with your aesthetic! There's loads of fabric choices and colours and they come in variable sizes. I also reuse the extra fabric and make little magnets that can be used to hold up a photo on a hoop if you don't collect pins! A display hoop! They vary with size. Mini hoops are 15 and largest go to 26. A pair of magnets are 5.

Photos @elizzhoops→

Pin display hoops

Magnets made from corresponding fabric

Melissa @fitzy.meliss

Waterloo, Ontario

*Local trades only

Hello! I'm an artist born and raised in KW. I currently am dabbling in watercolour art, but also make jewellery, and various nature/pagan inspired crafts. My art and jewellery are inspired by nature, spirituality, witch craft, and pop culture/rock n roll. My attitude about art and crafts is that they be fun, accessible and special. I love supporting other makers in our community!

Art prints, possibly original art, pendants, certain crafts such as 'witch balls'. Prices between 10-100
Photos @fitzy.meliss→

Nature-inspired pendants

Watercolour art

Natalie @gosslingorganics

Guelph, Ontario

*Will trade locally or by mail

I'm Natalie, owner and maker of Gossling Organics. I am a textile and fiber artist. My current makes include a classic line of organic bins and bags. I will also have a line of holiday ornaments and other holiday decor available in November. Anything from my classic collection which ranges in price from approximately $20-$40. I will also offer my holiday collection which ranges in price from $16-$60.
Photos @gosslingorganics→

Holiday collection

Classic collection

Laura @22andlou

Toronto, Ontario


I make preserves; classic jams, some different flavours, chutney, pineapple jalapeño jelly, and bbq sauces. I started as an ode to my Great Gramma’s, they were amazing bakers, and jam makers and one had a general store selling all kinds of things! $18 for a set for 4 taster jars (see image below)
Photos @22andlou →

 Preserves by 22andlou

 Taster set available for trade 

Demetra Gayle @demetragayle

Weed, CA, USA

*Looking to trade with hobbyist!

I make Leather Goods, Beaded & Precious Metal Jewelry, Knitwear, & Visibly Mend Sweaters & Favorite Clothing. Something made of Leather, Under $75, something Knit - a hat, a scarf $75, a Stitch Marker necklace with 5 stitch markers on a ball chain.
Photos @demetragayle


Vancouver, BC, Canada

I make snack bags for bikes! All of the material I use comes from local fabric recycling centres. Upcycling is very important to me in this world of fast fashion! And cycling is also a great way to reduce emissions and exercise. These handlebar snack bags are great for holding your coffee/water/treats or anything else you’d like!! I can trade a snack bag or two, the retail value is $40/each. They are all custom made and the receiver can choose their colours!
Photos →

Jessica Clayman Insta: @dubleve_wands Twitter: @DubleveWands

Waterloo, ON

*Will trade locally or by mail

Dubleve Wands is a Magical Sundry Emporium carrying local artists creative works including hats, wands, jewelry, paintings, crafts, etc. Wands (21-37CAD), hats (30CAD), owls ($100CAD), Twilight Rabbit Tarot (35USD)
Photos @Dubleve_wands→

@Beecraft Ash Beecraft

Woodstock, ON, Canada

pottery! And weirdo animal sculptures Mug, $40
Photos @Beecraft→