Hand-stitched patch case study

Hand-stitched patch case study

Just here with another quick little visible mending show-and-tell. And encouraging you to choose one project, just one, languishing at the bottom of your pile and either GO FIX IT QUICK or get rid of it! You can do it!

I started by pinning a patch, larger than the hole of course, to the inside of the shorts.

Then I stitched around the hole and added running stitches around to further stabilize the area.

I bought these shorts when I was 16, on my very first trip to visit Florida with a friend's family. I wore them allllll the time through my teens, and when they started showing wear I couldn't bear to part with them so they sat in my mending pile for a suuuuper long time (like ten years) before I finally took the scant few hours to mend them nicely.

I'm super pleased with how they turned out, the little whip stitches around the holes delight me.

Here is the triangle-shaped hole "before" - looks like it was just a snag that tore a small hole.

One thing I was extremely surprised to realize when I did get these mended is (that they still fit, but also) that the colours are just *slightly* outside of the range I reach for at the moment. So they're mended, but I don't know if they'll actually get any wear time. They will make a beautiful sample piece for mending workshops though!

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