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Introduction to Loom Darning

Introduction to Loom Darning

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Location: Kwartzlab (145 Bedford Rd in Kitchener)
Date/time: Sunday, March 5, 2023 from 2-4 pm.

  • As per Kwartzlab community rules, all participants must wear a mask during the event.
  • We're leaving plenty of time to work on our class projects and ask questions - we'd just like to wrap up by 4-4:30 :)
  • Classes may be cancelled if fewer than 4 participants register (or the weather is extra awful, or an instructor is sick). Once you have registered, please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates.

If you do already have a Swift Darning Loom, swing on by free of charge!
Add the discount code "Swifty" at checkout.

If you'd like to attend at a reduced rate, use the discount code "Twenty" to register for $20.


The Swift Darning Loom is simple to use, but nothing beats hands-on instruction.

We'd love to show you the basics of using our darning loom including little tips and tricks we've learned through practice that make our darning process quicker, easier, and tidier in the end. We'll show you examples and chat about all the peripheral creative options that we've discovered with our loom (so far) so that you can get the most out of it.

You don't need to own a Swift Darning Loom to attend this class: you can borrow one from our collection. You can even bring a non-Swift darning loom to use, since all of the Speedweve-style looms work pretty much the same way.

However, we will have our darning looms + accessories available to purchase, and (exclusive offer for real! we never do this!) you'll receive a discount code for our shop as a thank you for joining us in person.

All materials will be provided as needed, but you can also bring your own yarn or socks to work with. For learning, we recommend that you don't start with your favourite pair!

We'll show you how to use your Darning Loom from start to finish. You'll:

  • Choose how big a darn to make
  • Choose the best yarn for your mend
  • Warp the loom
  • Weave / add in those weft rows
  • Check your darning tension
  • Reinforce your darned patch (two techniques)
  • Use a weft pick
  • Have any other questions answered as we go, by the lovely people who designed and make these darling looms! You can even have a tour of our studio and shared workshop, if you please :)

If we have time, we'll also show you how you can convert your Swift Darning Loom into a very tiny mini loom using our custom accessories.

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