Kitchener Neighbours Day

Hey, neighbour!

We’re excited to help organize a Fairview Block Party for Neighbours’ Day.


We’ve had so many new neighbours over the past few years and we’ve been so limited in how we can get together, so jumping on to this city-run event seems like the perfect opportunity to get everyone out and mingling!


Officially, Neighbours Day is from 1-5 pm on June 17th.


To spark our collective imagination, we came up with this list of activities so if there’s anything here that you’d like to see happen, you can submit your application to the City and we can work together to make it happen! Applications are open until May 15th (sorry for the tight deadline!) and each person can only submit one application. 


If you do submit an application or are thinking about it, or just want to know more about what we’re thinking, please let Elysha know via the contact form below so that we can keep track of all of our plans.


The City's deadline is May 15th for activity proposals, but the event isn't until June 17th, so we will have some time to plan and get supplies in advance. The City is also offering some funding via gift cards, you can add details about what you need to buy on the form below:


Neighbours Day on the City of Kitchener website



The List! Please feel free to propose other activities too!


As everyone puts their applications in, we'll move officially proposed activities to the top of the list in bold.


Clothing swap/community free market

• Host a musician for a 1-hour performance (The City will put you in contact with a musician)

• Photo booth/backdrop with instant-print camera or printer so people can take home a little souvenir

• Neighbourhood storytelling (history etc) - could have a cork board posted up where people record and draw and share their stories)

• Dancing/drumming/music making

• Ring toss or bean bag toss (using plates or hula hoops as targets)

• Three-legged race

• Water balloon-type games (water relay, hot potato, etc) something like these "reusable cotton toys" is a great alternative to cleaning up broken balloons for weeks - example from Amazon)

• Photo scavenger hunt

• "geocaching" scavenger hunt

• Slip n slide and/or sprinkler if it's a hot day

• Pizza box relay (it looks silly fun for all ages - a running relay where each person grabs one more pizza box and you end up trying to run back and forth with a bigger and bigger stack of boxes!)

• Giant Jenga

• Sidewalk chalk mural

• Face painting

• Cookie decorating

• Food/drinks: could have volunteers offer to bring a favourite family dish, or have a couple barbecues set up with designated cooks. Solicit donations somehow? maybe people have connections to businesses, or we can have a fund/by donation.

• Plant/Seed Swap

• Arts and crafts table

• Nature crafts such as found-object mandalas on front lawns - this + the sidewalk chalk would be a nice way for our party to leave a (somewhat) lasting memory for people who pass by later


See you at the block party!!!

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